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Reconnect. Reiterate. Reveal.

These three words have been chosen to reflect the vision behind the TheoArtistry: Text & Image scheme for 2021, a multifaceted research project bringing together visual artists and researchers from several disciplines to investigate the cognitive, psychological, and theological implications of text-inclusive artworks.

Reconnect as the active process of finding areas of overlap between theory and practice.

Reiterate as the act of reflecting on core issues across time.

Reveal as the generation of new meaning throughout a collaborative process.

As curators of the TheoArtistry: Text & Image scheme, our aims were to understand the role that academic research can have in shaping the artistic process and, more generally, to gain a deeper insight into the way the written word influences the artists’ choices. Are both text and image essential to our understanding of art? Does text modify our relationship with images? By blurring the lines between theology and the arts, between theory and practice, we wanted to create for the TheoArtistry partnerships a space where these questions can be explored across the traditional boundaries of ‘creative’ and ‘scholarly’ methods and approaches. ‘Art as revelation’ is the culmination of this journey and a celebration of the art generated from the work that the participating scholars and artists have done together over the past six months.

by Dr Nicole Ruta and Dr Rebekah Dyer

TheoArtistry: Text & Image will be hosting an exhibition of the artworks created for the scheme, to be held in St Andrews, Scotland in 2021. The exhibition will take place across two venues:
J & G Innes Ltd. Booksellers, Art Materials, Stationers and Gift Shop
from 30th November to 8th December 2021
Mon-Fri 11am to 4:00pm and

Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church, St Andrews
from 10th to 19th December 2021

Mon-Fri 11am to 4:00pm plus SUN during worship times

All are very welcome!

The curators:

Dr Nicole Ruta
Dr Rebekah Dyer
Anna McNay